Add Your Site

Add Your Site to the Musical-Clipart Web Directory

Please contact the Fun Music Company Help Desk and select “link exchanges” to add your site to the Fun Music Company Web Directory

There are only two conditions:

  1. Your Site be related to music in some form
  2. You Must place and keep a reciprocal link somewhere on your site to “Musical Clipart”

please include in your email to the help desk:

  • The URL of your site
  • The Title you would like for your link
  • A short description of your site
  • A URL where you have placed your reciprocal link to the fun music company
  • The Name of the Site or Sites that you would like a link placed on

We would be grateful for links already placed in HTML code as in the example below.

Please note that websites submitted without a valid reciprocal link will not be accepted, and neither will any website with any innapropriate content, or links to inappropriate content. Reciprocal links will be checked regularly, and sites that do not link back to us will be removed.

Here is the HTML code for your link:

<a href=”/web/20130318211916/”>Music related Clipart</a> Including fun music images, musical flashcard images and printable manuscript<br>